Forgive and Forget?

How many times are you willing to forgive something before you forget the someone along with the some-THING?

Trying Sobriety

My first day sober started this past Saturday. (To be honest, I’ve stopped drinking several times before, but obviously start back up...


Loneliness can be overwhelming or it can be used for internal reflection. How do *you* handle loneliness?

Is It Really Worth It?

Is it really worth it? What do you tell yourself or your friends when life gets too overwhelming and toxic thoughts won't go away?

Nothing Is random

Are you naturally a vulnerable person or are you more comfortable keeping your secrets safely locked away?

Nunya Business

Do you have a problem taking things too personally? What do *you* do to stop the negative thoughts?

Teetering on the Edge

At the end of the day, s a bully-environment really worth the paycheck? How much are *YOU* willing to put up with at *your* job?