"To be in good physical and/or mental health"


I'm a shy, late-forties woman with two grown daughters.


Thus far, my life has consisted of unfulfilling jobs in customer service and accounting. And relationships, hahaha.... Let’s not even go there. At least not right here or right now.

I teeter constantly on the edge of addiction, agonizing depression and absolute manic happiness.

There are only 4 people who have seen me at my absolute worst:
my ex-husband (who bore the brunt of my crazy for 20 years), my two lovely daughters and a close friend.

There are even fewer to whom I have spoken about my depression and the negative voice I battle in my head every day - it’s difficult for others to understand something that isn’t their own reality and it seems futile trying to help them understand.

This is my attempt to have a place where others who struggle with these issues (and more) can come and feel goodness, happiness and love.

And, possibly, find ways to help themselves and others, too!

I am in no way an expert, but I *do* understand that uplifting another will uplift another who will uplift another, ad infinitum (hopefully).



Maybe it can also help me learn to ignore and eventually defeat that negative voice.

And maybe that can help YOU

I want everyone to feel In Fine Fettle!

Sitting at desk
Sitting in car

Self-Improvement begins with YOU!