• Heather Lee

Forgive and Forget?

This basic concept is easy for me.

To a point...

These two ‘F’s go hand in hand: if I do one, I am able to do the other. In either order really.

But if it’s something I’ve already F&F’d, and it happens again... Both ‘F’s are out the window and I’m much less willing (or able) to F&F the same thing again.

Makes sense, right? 😜

It kinda goes for people, too.

For example, if a person does something that hurts me once, and then apologizes - I can forgive and forget.

However, if that person does the same thing repeatedly, I am more inclined to forgive and forget that person as well as the thing that hurt me.

Because, truth be told, I don’t enjoy or appreciate it when someone hurts me and takes my acceptance and forgiveness for granted.

Am I wrong? How many times are you willing to forgive something before you forget the someone along with it?

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