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I keep trying to quit

I need to quit

For all of the denial, I am finally realizing that it's probably the massive amount of Vodka that I drink every day that has been bringing on the angioedema and urticaria (hives).

This was the article that helped me finally put it all together (even though I already had a sneaky suspicion): Alcohol-related massive eyelid swelling: case report

The picture in the article is a little more extreme than what I've been experiencing lately,


When I went to the hospital for this exact thing last year (read about it here), I told the ER doctors and nurses how much I drink and asked if that could be the reason. I was told that alcohol wasn't the problem and I needed to see a dermatologist because they thought it was an allergy. Even then they were wrong.

I went to a dermatologist who told me I needed to see an allergist. (total waste of time and $$)

When I called the allergist, I was told I'd have to stop taking my antihistamines for up to two weeks before my appointment!

At this point, I was trying to figure out if it was something in the air at my new job (which I have since lost because of COVID-19), or was it my poor dog Tori?

And I was breaking out every day (about 5-6 hours after my 3-4 morning shots - go figure) so giving up the antihistamines for any period of time just wasn't an option for me (because I still thought I was allergic to food or something).

No one remotely important or knowledgeable told me that it was the ethanol in the alcohol! It didn't even cross the ER doctors' minds - not even when I mentioned my chronic drinking problem...

So, now I have to REALLY quit drinking, for real. It is causing me tangible and visible harm that could eventually (probably sooner than later) turn into something much worse (can we say cirrhosis?).

Two weeks ago I stopped drinking and the hives started to clear up. Then I went off on a binge last weekend and blew it all to hell. ALL THE TIME thinking that food was causing it - because also when I eat certain things, it seems to trigger the edema and hives. Even after 3 days of fasting to kick off my 2 most recent sober weeks, I am still breaking out in hives when I eat red meat, pork or overly-processed food (and sometimes even hard-boiled eggs!).

I thought about going on the diet for your blood type, but honestly, I don't even like most of the foods on the list....

And why go on living without bacon... ?

I am sorry for the randomness of this post, but I can't figure out what to do...

Except to start actually living completely sober...

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