• Heather Lee

Believe in Yourself!

I get lost in this confusing world all the time.

Like right now.

I pushed myself off a proverbial cliff by quitting my well-paying day job in hopes that I would spend more time building my own personal business.

Instead I am finding myself extended to my credit limit and not knowing where I am going to find next month's rent.

But still, I am not really attempting to build my business any more now than when I had a dependable income. As a matter of fact, I am actually LESS motivated than I was before!

Because I am lost...

I am lost because I am in unfamiliar territory. And I am pretty darn scared.

Now I am working a low-paying, highly physical job that doesn't pay enough to make ends meet - I made that choice hoping it would motivate me to try harder.

But, it backfired. I have no motivation and I hardly try at all any more.

After every shift, I am physically and emotionally exhausted; all I want to do is lie in my bed, watch Netflix and eat nachos. The last thing on my mind is writing a post or thinking of something inspirational to say, let alone getting in my car and driving people around for hours!

But I need to turn my fear into motivation and remember why I jumped off that cliff in the first place.</