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The Little Things

Sometimes it’s so easy to overlook the little things that we really should be thankful for.

It can be difficult to realize the simple things that come into our lives as normal, every-day occurrences because they happen so often that it’s easy to 'get used to them'.

For example, making it home at the end of your day without having an accident

Or the virtues in something as simple as holding hands.

What about your houseplants sitting in the window as they so joyfully soak up the dazzling sunlight. They seem to express their gratitude for the care you give them and the radiant sunlight by looking better for you every day! Doesn’t being with your plants raise your spirits even just a little?!? It must, because you keep watering them and feeding them.

How about your pet? Do you have a pet? Even something as simple as a fish tank. Revel in their splendor – how they are there for you and only you. That’s freaking special!

On a more serious note. What about your bed, your blankets? It’s going to be winter soon and there are plenty of people out there (and kids too) that won’t have that bed, blanket, or even breakfast when they wake up from their cold sleep. Yet, there are days even those people can find things to be grateful for.

Did your kids wake up without a fuss this morning? If so, HOLY CRAP! That used to be a HUGE thing to be grateful for in my house!

When is the last time you laughed? Why did you laugh? Who made you laugh?

Did you “Pay it Forward”?

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