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On: Giving Up

So... I gave up.

Even though I know the key to success is sticking to it,

I gave up anyway.

My emotions got the better of me

And simply tossed in the towel

But not completely, it seems...

I still have this amazing website

       And it's cool-as-hell name ;)

...a website whose yearly fees caused me to pause a moment, and really think about why I quit trying:

I also think about all the reasons I shouldn't quit

BUT, not only can I do this to help myself, I can do it to help others, too!!

And isn't that what life is all about?

 So... it looks like I'm gonna try again!

#HelpingOthers #Distraction #Rejection #Frustration #Website #GivingUp #StickToIt #Happiness #LawofAttraction

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