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Fear of Success

Fear of Success

Is that a thing?

Because, if it is, I think I have it…

I start out feeling motivated

But then I think about the “consequences” of my motivation

How busy do I want to be?

… … …

I don’t even like talking on the phone.

And face-to-face?!? That’s a different story altogether!

Are these excuses because I am afraid?

Afraid of something I know nothing about?


There are other things I started in my life that worked out okay

How do I know that I won’t be good at this, too?

Just because I don’t have a “knack” for it in the beginning doesn’t mean I won’t take to it later

Starting a new job is always a challenge

Starting a new CAREER is a big change

Change hurts

Change is SCARY!


Change is necessary

The caterpillar doesn’t even know it’s going to change and look out how glorious it’s change is!

It simply makes a cocoon


And then starts being something else entirely

It's probably hard at the beginning

But the caterpillar learns how to be a butterfly

Because it HAS to

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