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Product of the Week: Sleep Spray

Sleep impacts every area of our lives: mood, focus, stress levels and even weight can be a direct result of the amount of rest our bodies receive. At CTFO, we believe everyone deserves a good night’s rest! That’s why we decided to develop a sleep spray! 

When we are young, melatonin, a natural occurring hormone in the brain, is released to promote sleep at night. Unfortunately, as we age, environmental factors such as artificial light, reduce the amount of melatonin our bodies produce, resulting in sleepless nights. Our Sleep Support Spray helps promote good sleep habits and helps fight insomnia. 

Our spray contains CBD, melatonin, and valerian root which work with your body to help promote a long, restful sleep. This product is great for those experiencing difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep! It helps to improve your quality of sleep with NO groggy feeling the next day! Our unique blend of nutrients has been specially selected to help you fall asleep faster and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. We offer oral sprays because oral absorption is up to 90% more effective, allowing your body to utilize ingredients fast! Through oral absorption, nutrients go directly into the bloodstream & cells within a matter of minutes.

This week our Sleep Spray is 15% off when you use Code:


The code will work for both the 8ml and the 30ml sized sleep sprays.

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