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Introducing #regularitea

As a regular person in this regular world, I'd like to say that I eat healthy all the time and that (as a result) I stay "REGULAR". But, the reality is:

I enjoy eating comfort food!

Some of you out there right now might be feeling the exact same way.

For me, the truth of it is, there are just too many yummy foodstuffs out there. It's hard to resist mac-n-cheese or pizza or bacon or cookies or cake or especially ice cream (am I right?)!

More and more, I try to make those foods in my own kitchen, but:

  • pizza dough is tough to master at home

  • the best cookies and cake are still made with white flour

  • mac-n-cheese tastes most amazing when it's made with white pasta and 100% Real cheese

  • home-made ice cream seems to be more expensive to make than to buy pre-made

  • and bacon! (need I say more?)

And all of that is what keeps me going back to those tasty foods.

Those tasty, fattening, binding foods that build up in your stomach and make you feel bloated and uncomfortable and tired..

I can help you clear that up!

  • After drinking only ONE 8-ounce glass, my #regularitea will immediately begin cleansing your intestinal walls of that impacted waste!!

  • Continue drinking 2 glasses of #regularitea every day for 1 WEEK, and you can lose up to 7 pounds (mostly eliminating old waste)!

  • Turn your twice-daily dose of #regularitea into a habit and feel your energy levels increase and your cravings decrease (and continue to lose pounds!)

  • It can even help with symptoms of leaky gut, Candida and Irritable Bowel Syndrome!!

Contact me now or go directly to my order page!!

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